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Basic Ideas For Some Druid Promotion Classes


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So I've been thinking about the system it seems CF might follow when it comes to the Promotion Classes, and have come up with a few possibilities. I don't think they will strictly follow the framework in the following example, but I'm using it to guide my suggestions. In the case of Knight, we see the following:





We have Tank, DSP/Melee and Specialist/Ranged types. So, I've followed that pattern with my own proposed Promotion Classes, keeping in mind that the Druid has been assigned a support role by the devs:



RunemasterThe Runemaster Druid is one who has spent many years studying the art of Runemaking, where runic symbols are carved, etched, drawn and even vocalized, imbuing whatever is marked with different effects. Runes are also context-sensitive, with the same rune's effect manifesting in a slightly different way, depending on what the rune has been made on, resulting in positive or negative effects. Some example Runes:



-'Cast' (carved, etched, drawn etc) on self or others, increases Strength Stat

-Cast on a weapon, increases Damage done

-Cast on a wall, makes it 'stronger' (either more hit points or more resistant to damage)

-Cast on ground, creates an area which buffs the Strength of any allies standing in it



-Cast on self or others, increases Cold Resistance

-Cast on a weapon, weapon does Cold/Ice Damage

-Cast on a wall, makes it brittle and more susceptible to damage

-Cast on ground, creates an area which slows any players who step there



-Cast on self or others, increases Crit Change

-Cast on a weapon, weapon has higher Crit Damage

-Cast on a wall, makes it briefly transparent

-Cast on ground, grants allies increased chance to hit, and greater chance of being missed, with the reverse for enemies (buffs dodge or defense etc)



Beastlord The Beastmaster Druid has a strong connection to all the creatures of the land. This allows them to calm (de-aggro) or even charm some beasts, even gaining the ability to issue commands. They're also able to gather information about what people an animal has come into contact with in the last hour or two, as well as buff the attributes of mounts or draft animals. At high levels of training, they can even take on the from of certain creates they have managed to collect the essence of.



MysticThe Druid Mystic has delved into the hidden but natural energies that flow around them, through the land, animals and other people. This has allowed them to expand their ability to affect others at a distance, as well as get information about the world around them. It even grants them the power to interact with the Bloodstone Trees, and shield the presence of Bloodstone Runes themselves.



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Pretty cool ideas for promotional classes you have there. So the first is a bit like the loremaster from lotro? Someone who has studied the history of the land etc for years, learning ancient and hidden magics? And then the Mystic is basically unleashing the trees and ground upon their enemies?

I represent The Guardians! 


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I think you are likely on to something with your description of the Mystic. They have specifically mentioned that some characters will have abilities directly related to Bloodstone Trees et al and the Druid is an easy association to make. 


Bloodstone abilities likely to be available:

- Increase - increase the odds/rate of production for a Bloodstone Tree

- Preserve - slow the 'expiry timer' on a Bloodstone so more than 1hour is available

- Conceal - make a Bloodstone harder to detect

- Detect - detect a Bloodstone at long(er) range

- Lead - provide easier navigation to the ritual site for a bloodstone (ie if anyone would see direction the use of 'Lead' would also show distance)

- Consume - this could be a leveling ability. Initially it can be used to destroy a Bloodstone to prevent capture. At higher ability it could power abilities/enchantments/etc by burning a Bloodstone



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