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So I'm primarily a tank. In the archetypes so far, we have 2 tank classes.

Would be thrilled to see a non-human tank class. Someone mentioned exotic races like the minotaur. A minotaur tank would be a kicker!

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Is there an advance class/discipline system like Star Wars: The Old Republic to add more flexibility?


I never played SWTOR but yeah, 'promotion' classes. We just don't know what they are yet, but they mentioned being able to divert significantly from your starting archetype through the promotion classes. So it's possible we'll even have magic based tanks and things like that, maybe.

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Yes, the promotions will open up new roles to the archetypes.  The ones listed are just the initial options.


It's possible there would be a tank option for the centaur/legionnaire, and maybe the forgemaster.  I would think it's highly likely for the champion as well.


Sorry you turned into a two-bit carebear whose feelings get hurt over forum banter.



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