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Hi! :D

sakura no ame

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Hey everyone! ^^ I'm Julianna (people call me Julia on the Internet) and I just signed up on this website yesterday night (1/7/15)! I want to tell you about myself, I'm a 13 year old girl who likes to do anything with PvP, if it has no PvP, I just skip the game or something. I'm a Wizard101 Player and League of Legends Player, I did play Pirate101, but in my opinion that was boring. I'm hoping this game will have PvP.


I like to watch anime and my top three are probably Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Black Butler, and Sword Art Online. I usually like anime with battles, I don't really like anime with comedy or slice of life (example: Lucky Star). I am a HUGE VOCALOID fan, I even have a Hatsune Miku collection. I have my own VOCALOID OC (Original Character) named Izumi Aki. People consider my OC "cute". 


I love to draw anime, I guess you can call it anime since I target that to draw. My icon is an example that I drew. I have 4 OCs. One is unnamed, one is named Julia SparkleFountain (I consider it an OC even though it's from an in game character), Izumi Aki (VOCALOID OC), and NyaKasai (the one as my profile picture). Here is some of my art.






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Hey! I'm Ashe (or Lord if we're going by usernames).

I only ever played console (I know, crucify me) but I definitely want to get good at PvP. It's more meaningful and I want the challenge.


I certainly like to draw and write. I'm a 21 year old.

I have a varied range of characters and stories. Glad to see you enjoy art too. Hope ya stay in the art community.


I don't draw as much as I used to but here's some of my examples:





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