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Any Dissent People Here? (Shadowbane)

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I'm still around, this is Malganis  (a.k.a: "That Pair of Dissent Crossbow Warriors / Firebat(Intlar) / Parasite(Elf Doomsayer) / Alexstraza (Elf Archmage) / Maiev (Dodgestalker)) I've been around playing most of the FOTM MMO's waiting for something good. This looks promising and you can expect I'll be around for sure.


Ha!  You don't know this but you gave me the only other name I use for games (steam, xbox live etc) on one of the many "best players at blah" threads that popped up over there years I had just wrecked your deflar with a Mage Bard (style casting 41% BM swords ftw) which was the result of some cutting edge builds Eastre and I were whipping up as the game changed.


You posted in the thread ".... some mage bard named Gagelprom or something....." and I laughed and stole the name.  As a bonus it apparently incites rage and anger in FPSs as I've heard screamed many times "WTF IS GOOGLE PORN!?"  "why is his idiot with this awful name killing me!"


So thanks for the name.  Have to give you credit. Glad to see you lurking around. 

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I think I was in Dissent, damn so long ago. I remember being in Legion of Hing and United Humpers. The Dissent shield looks like the Hing one. So familier but not 100%  I was Pwrhungry, Wizzy, Pwnage, and others I cant for the life of me remember.  Shadowbane is still my favorite game to date, God I hope Crowfall gets this right, I have to wait until Beta to find out for myself.

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Hey sorry.. I kinda stopped keeping up as it seemed the game was a ways off. But started playing yesterday for the very 1st time and I'm surprised how far they have come. 

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