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Welcome to Crowfall!

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If this game is like SB with cool emersive environments and something "else" that im sure is there that would definitely hit the spot..and a gamer wouldnt be hungry.


im praying most of all for an extremely diverse charector creation system.  


It's all about the Character Creation System.

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Hello Gordon & Todd!


I look forward to another game with you guys, and I've been working to get other members of my guild signed up here as well.


Gordon, I was part of your Bioware community team in SWTOR prior to launch, and I appreciate all that you've done in the industry.


Todd, I was part of the Shadowbane community team during its multi-year run, and I met you at the Austin Game Developer Conference back in 2009.  I appreciate all that you've done for the industry as well.


Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any assistance!





Guildmaster, LotD

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Well, looking forward to seeing what the true vision is for the game.  There are some definite nice tidbits in some of the screenshots that you've already shared.  Look forward to seeing how this develops, Good luck!

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