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What game is everyone coming over from? SB, DF, other? POLL


764 members have voted

  1. 1. What are you coming over from?

    • Shadowbane
    • Darkfall
    • Shadowbane AND Darkfall
    • Other

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I am very much an amalgam of interests, and am curious to see which pieces Crowfall blends.

I like sandboxes. I like faction-based PvP. I like good questing. I like skill-based systems. I like player housing. I like crafting.

I am more than the sum of my parts.. Or rather, the parts of MMO's I like.  :D

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Guild Wars 2 ESO Arma 3 Tera LOTRO Archeage, and countless others throughout the year


IMO best combat mechanics in any game ive ever played and you can only truley experience the beauty of it in WvW or PvP for GW2. I know i always hear people are tired of the traditional tab target mechanics. Love the feeling of being immersed in combat with timing and skill. Though i must say i would prefer combat like Chivalry :P Sadly though with GW2 WvW is getting no real love and they mostly continue to ignore what us the wvwers want so im hoping Crowfall  can bring to the table what GW2 lacks.


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I don't even know what Shadowbane and Darkfall are.


I come from TOR and dabbling in other games like Secret World.


Once upon a time, I played WoW.  Before that, SWG.  Before that, I played Everquest (original).


Before that I watched other people play MUDs and scratched my head at it.  Also, a long tradition of table top games and online fiction games of the sort you might see at insanejournal.com.  It's funny, but the fiction games are free, great multiplayer, and the most rewarding ones I ever play.


As of this year, I'll probably be forsaking all MMOs when No Man's Sky and Star Citizen come out. ;)

"Darken the moon and conceal the stars; our Light will never be extinguished." - The Tome of the First Flame


The Lantern Watch - A Crowfall-first guild. Welcome Home. Join us @ http://crowfall.shivtr.com

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Darkfall online. After they custarded up everything with Unholy Wars, remove races diversification, remove content, screw up combat i leave, and now finally we will have hopefully a new FFA game. Can't wait.

Archduchess Alice

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I play a lot of online games and at one time or another tried WoW, Everquest, Arc games like Perfect World among others. At present the games I spend most my time on are Wizard 101, Pirate 101 and a handful of games I play through facebook. I think the reason I try so many games is I'm picky about player movement. I like to be in complete control of movement and the closer the movement is to console movement the better. The whole click on destination to move thing bores me to tears. Also I find some battle style models are coma inducing. To describe my game taste, well, I like a modge podge of games. From high intensity sword slashing kill them before they kill you to the mellow tranquil type like that which was Pixie Hollow. (yes I played Pixie Hollowin fact I had 2 accounts and was heart broken when they shut it down. It was my rough day escape game) OK the I guess give you all some idea where I'm coming from. Cya on future posts.

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Strange to see these vastly different groups mix here on this forum, Shadowbane and Wizards101 are as far apart from each other as possible for MMO's it seems :P


I'm from the third big bad, WoW (yeah yeah I know), but got hooked on more action oriented mmo's. Unfortunately, most of those are Asian MMO's which have their own set of problems usually, such as boring quests or pay2win cashshops. I tried a lot of them, for example Phantasy Star Online 2, Tera and Blade and Soul. So I'm still looking for an interesting MMO that can get the action combat *and* the progression right somehow.

We are now recruiting! Read more here!


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