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Legion of Chaos


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Assuming Crowfall will be a cutthroat game, I'm looking to establish the biggest alliance possible.  My hopes are to get the KI community on board as well as anyone else interested in a grand alliance ready to kick butt and take names from day 1.  I'm looking to dominate the arena and sustain an empire of the most awesome people I can find.  However, I don't want to feed the hype machine so I'll just get to the point:  I want people; I want alliances; I want to dominate.  Let's make that happen.  If this game turns out not to be about controlling the game world through bloody pvp, then we'll fall back on being kick butt PvE champions.  The goal is to experience what this game has to offer and figure out how to rock it.  If you want to join the Legion of Chaos or ally with us, post below.

I'll be keeping an eye on this game and I'll see what kind of content it'll have and I'll adjust the battle plan accordingly.

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