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04/09/15 - Skill Training Faq + Behind The Scenes With The Artists!

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It's Monday! Another week is here and we're off to a great start toward Stretch Goal #2 - Mounts and Caravans. Today we want to take you behind the scenes with the artists at ArtCraft Entertainment and explain the Skill Training system in Crowfall. 


Passive Training / Skills FAQ

How does passive training work?

Passive training allows you to advance your character(s) skills, whether or not you are actively logged in and playing the game.


Narratively speaking, this is represented in the game by having a temple with Thrall priests “praying” for your Hero to remember the skills from his previous life.


Is there active training, too?  

Yes, you can advance a skill through use -- but only to get proficiency.  Passive training is the primary way of advancing your character's skills.


Can I only train one skill at a time?

Actually, no!  You can train a character in three skills at any one time.  They don't all advance at the same rate, however.  

You select a primary, secondary and tertiary skill to advance.  The primary will advance quickest, followed by the secondary, followed by the tertiary.


What scale is used for skills?

100% is the "theoretical maximum" of a human hero.  As a point of reference: if your character has a  100% sword skill, then they could compete as an Olympic-level fencer.  

Since our players are immortal champions, chosen by the Gods at the time of their death, they often have skills above the “theoretical maximum” that a human mortal can achieve. Anything above 100% is heroic level; bards wrote poems that centered around your skills and your achievements are the stuff of legends.


How quickly do skills advance?

These numbers are still being balanced, but we're generally going for something like this: to reach 100% level with any skill takes 1 month of primary training, 2 months with secondary, 3 months with tertiary.  
The results are granted on a diminishing returns curve, meaning that it is much easier to gain the first 10% of any skill than it is to gain the last.  

As an upshot of this system, every time you log in, you should see advances in three of your skills!


Can I train more than one character at once?

Yes, if you have an optional VIP membership. A VIP membership allows you to train three characters in parallel. Each character will also have three passive training slots (i.e. it works the same way with ALL THREE characters, as it does with the first one.)


Once I select a primary, secondary or tertiary skill to train, can I change it? Or is it locked?  

It is not locked.  You can change (and re-order) which three skills you want to train at any time.


Can I train beyond my skill max?

No. You can only train up to your skill max.


Can I increase my skill max?

Yes. Max skills are determined by a combination of your archetype, promotion class, advantage and disadvantage runes, and Disciplines.


How are the skill increases calculated over time?


The gains are done on a diminishing returns curve. While it may be quick to gain those low-end skill points, mastery of a skill (i.e. the upper portion of the range) will take a considerable amount of time. It may be more beneficial to work on a bunch of skills at the low end rather than taking a skill to the absolute max. How you choose to advance is up to you!


What if I hit a skill max, and I am not able to get online?

No problem! You can queue-up additional skills to train. 



Behind the Scenes with Dave Greco and Jon O'Neal

Art Lead Dave Greco and Lead Environment Artist Jon O'Neal take a moment to discuss the ART in ArtCraft Entertainment. 




While we are on the topic of Art. Concept Artist Larissa Angus just completed this poster of the Assassin Archetype and we wanted to show you straight away! 




NOTE: As of posting this we are just 750 backers away from the 12k backer goal reward of the All-Father statue. So close! If you haven't yet - be sure to let your friends, family and enemies know that now's the time to back Crowfall. You'll want to see them on the battlefield. 


Thanks all,

Tully Ackland

ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc. 

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So with this passive training system as it is right now (I'm aware everything is subject to change, blah blah), given enough time, you'd be able to max all of your skills? Or is there a maximum amount of percentage points available to be "prayed in"?

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Can I increase my skill max?

Yes. Max skills are determined by a combination of your archetype, promotion class, advantage and disadvantage runes, and Disciplines.


The altoholic and dabbler in me are having nerdgasms.


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Thanks all,


This is kind of a silly question, but......can we devote the Primary, Secondary, and Teritiary slots to the same skill so it will advance faster? Or asked differently, if we do NOT assign a skill to the secondary or tertiary slot, does the Primary go faster?


When will we get to see something about the different kinds of skills, and if people who devote themselves to crafting will be able to far exceed the crafting capabilities of those who do combat and partly crafting.


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So you gain proficiency through active training. What does proficiency do?

Proficiency just means that you are able to use the skill with a modicum of competence. In other words, the earlier "levels" of the skill you will be able to gain through active means, but after a certain point you will only be able to increase that skill through passive training.

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