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Shadowbane War Journals


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Discussing all things Shadowbane brings back memories of Shadowbane Beta, and the trials and tribulations of some of the most notable guilds and nations in the game's early history.  Many people know that I was Waylander, SB Lead Herald, and I authored many of those early war journals. 





I still have my old war journals with the original text, but not all of the images.  The next best thing is the old internet archive, and I've taken the time to link the old articles that still have most of their original images attached.  I hope that Crowfall creates a new generation of drama and excitement, but until then here is some nostalgia from Shadowbane's past!!



  • The Heralds are the day to day chroniclers of events both small and large inside the world of Shadowbane. They observe and record the progression of time, weighed against a healthy respect and perspective of the past. They are a mix of equal parts historian and journalist, who believe that to properly understand the relevance of certain events, the people must have an appreciation of the times as well as their place in history. There are many different Heralds in the College which specialize in certain fields of knowledge.


Enjoy the old reads!


Guildmaster, LotD

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It's funny, but these were a large portion of the reason I got to be so into tracking numbers/deaths/kills and what-not at banes. The fights were great, but so were the stories afterwards. The non-embellished versions were often more compelling than the political propaganda/chest thumping afterwards (though that was often great too).


Thanks for posting these!


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This brings back memories. (I was Zachariah back in the Traitor at the Gates one). 


Fun times, looking forward to some more epicness :)



You are in the wrong gate mate, go home :P


j/k <3

- Mayson 

Rerolled /Dark Carnival 

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Oh sweet!  There's still a pic of my character back then in the Sea of Swords update.  And my report on the battle of the City of Shadows brings back so many cool memories.


It's a shame the retail game didn't maintain the excitement of those battles in early beta.

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thanks hades aka Waylander!

I was involved in many of those battles as Ellowyn - leader of the Amazons/ Ama'Zeo, city of Manchra with Kestra :)

good times!


Ellowyn of Prothoe • Death Server • Free Corps • Amazon

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