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Greetings From The Balance

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Good Souls Everyone!


The Balance is always looking for new members.. We welcome those who hunger for organized PVP/PVE events to reach out and join our ranks. 


I must say..It is good to see some familiar guilds posting on these forums and TB would be honored to discover this brave new world with all of you! 


Kind Regards,

Ralin IronWolf

GM - The Balance - Est. 97

Equilibrium - SB / Dark Isle - Mourning Server


The Balance - Nation of Equilibrium

"You can run but you'll DIE tired.."

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ola! me amigo

mi bulwark es tu bulwark!

Know me and fear me. My embrace is for all and is patient but sure. The dead can always find you. My hand is everywhere - there is no door I cannot pass, nor guardian who can withstand me.


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