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Tax Free Parcels, What Are They?

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So does anyone know what exactly a tax free parcel is? They are being handed out with the kickstarter if you are willing do drop some coin. 


I havn't seen any information in regards to this. If I were to guess is this some sort of land upkeep payment? Or are these plots of land that can be placed and later rented out to other players?


Is this something that is going to be obtainable in game, or is this a kickstarter exclusive?



*I'd love some concrete information on this, as I am still deciding on what level of supporter i'm going to go with for the kickstarter. Amber patron is looking really good but I'm having a hard time making a commitment due to being dissapointed by so many games in the past, which looked great on paper but completely failed to deliver. Additional information might help me make a decision.*

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I see that these bonus parcels are “tax-free”. What does that mean?

There are in-game (not real world) maintenance fees associated with both land and buildings. Tax-free parcels do not require you to pay any ongoing property tax – though the buildings and structures placed on them will still require maintenance (and of course you can still charge your Vassals as you see fit.)

Last updated: Tue, Feb 24 2015 7:48 AM CDT

From the Kickstarter FAQ.

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Here is the info from the FAQs on the kick starter page itself:





In addition I beleive somewhere although where I read it at this moment is eluding me... Additional land can be purchased in the in game shop but it will not be "tax-free"

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Also from the FAQ, everyone starts with a kingdom which comes with 9 parcels. I'm guessing these 9 parcels must be taxed and you can't opt to use your tax free ones instead  :P


Does the 9 parcels vary based on which stronghold tier you have?

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