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Funniest Rage Ever

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Leet once camped some startup guild on mourning , they owned a small city north of UDI .


He camped those poor bastards solo , chain killing anyone who logged in with his fury for a full week throughout NA prime time . With a few addition camping session from myself during EU times . After days of rage and threats from there GL ... they finally accepted he could beat there whole poorly made socksty guild by himself .


7 days later Leet was given the city and asked to please leave them alone .

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"I want to slit this kid's throat bro, straight the f**k up bro..." ~ Scoop from the HateCrew.


"Hey Shaxx, you stupid f****n' kid, learn to f****n' play this game." ~ Manshoon.


The first one is obvious but the second always cracked me up as I was in fact 'playing the game' that he wanted me to learn how to turn on, which is of course no what he actually meant, but he was so angry he could not articulate his viewpoint successfully.


Haha, I remember seeing that video way back. There always was a lot of insulted from some people when they got camped/ganked anywhere. Fun times. I hope CF will be as fun.

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