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The Shipwrecked Pirates

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Word has passed over the ears of a restless crew.  Word of a land filled with plunder, wenches an' enough grog ta satisfy Davey Jones himself.  Pirates aint be the smartest sort but we be wise beyond measure.  Aint a land lubber alive dat aint quick ta boast stories 'bout krakens, unicorns, 'n all kinds of fairy tale wonderlands.  These here bow legged nancies be da worst sort.  Every fare skinned saddle jockey be keen ta shove thar cannon through a porthole of foundationless promises 'n fancy talk.  Once yer done polishin' me mast ye tailless swine ye can show us the treasure or be keelhauled like da rest of 'em.

Da Crew be thirsty me hearties.  Fill arr bellies or drop yarr skirts, else ye be walkin' da plank.  Arrrr!


"Respect da code o' the sea, drive da lubbers into da brine, pillage and PLUNDAAAARRRRR!"
~ Captain Arnie, in rallying his crew.


TSP is a pvp-focused online gaming guild committed to exceeding every goal any game presents, while consistently demonstrating expert knowledge of game mechanics, dedicated membership, superior PvP capabilities, unequaled sportsmanship and our infectious RP style.

Do you suffer from the following symptoms?

Lackin' a little shiver in yer timbers.
Never been pillagin' fer booty.
Never dropped anchor in a blue lagoon.
Wishing someone would walk yer plank.
Dreamed of hoistin' a jolly roger.

If so, you're a landlubber.  I'm afraid there's no cure.  We recommend joining Winterblades or some other landlubbin', centaur ridin, tree house club.

If ye like rum 'n wenches, welcome aboard me hearty.  Arrrrrr.

Edited by tsp_maj

Maj, Keeper of Da Plank - The Shipwrecked Pirates


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Good luck to you guys. I remember your clan name from DFO, so welcome!  :wub:

Yer call yerself a sun praiser. Ya must take after yer mudder cause she be praisin' me every morn. Every eve too fer dat matter.

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