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Ravenclaw House

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Before you say anything, yes this is a reference to Harry Potter. I thought it might be fun to have a little Hogwarts Rivalry inside of Crowfall. 


In fact, I'd like to get a couple of other people to create the other houses as well.


I'll recruit people based on the sorting hat of course!


If know you're a Ravenclaw, please come and join me. If you want to know what house you'd be sorted into, heck out the official JK Rowling website @ https://www.pottermore.com/


You can sign up for a free account, buy some first year stuff and take the sorting quiz yourself.


Bonus points if you know what kind of wand you have!


If you're interested in Leading:






or any of the other Harry Potter schools that were mentioned in the books or movies. Please respond here and message me some information about yourself. Of course, anybody can take it upon themselves to start one of the other schools but, I'd like to keep it somewhat mature and also somewhat even.


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