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Greetings From Belgium!

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Since i have pledged here i will intro myself  :ph34r:


42 years old playing games for ????? .......don't now anymore.

Think my first game was space invaders on my atari  :o long time ago.

But still playing games like the young ones in my spare time.

Most of the time i was a lonewolf ingames but now i want to change that.

When i meet people most of the time at the beginning i'm  a bit silence, after a couple of weeks this will clear off.


Atm i play a lot of moba's like smite and Heroes of the storm.

The last MMO i played are SWOTOR and Wildstar.


O yea bought a founderspack for Skyforce. Today closed beta starts,hope this will keep mee bussy till the Alpha of CROWFALL  ;)


Greetings to all of you and guys from The Lantern Watch







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Ooooh a lone wolf here too. I believe this game will give you an enhanced experience as a lone wolf  even though it is technically a PvP or GvG game. It is always good to have a change but being a lone wolf and your experience as a lone wolf can actually contribute a lot when it comes to scouting :). Love to have you on the forum buddy. AND DEFINITELY A BIG WELCOME FROM ME AND PEOPLE WHO ARE YET TO GREET YOU!


BTW rare to see a lone wolf around here :) We should keep in touch.


Chalcitis - A Treasure Hunting Guild, visit Forum Post

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Thx lone wolf Eediom :P


This is gonne be the first time that i'm gonne take part of a community (The lantern Watch guild)

Hope to have a lot of fun in this game.


Greetings Steven

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