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Mommy, Where Do Rare Items Come From?

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Resources:  Harvested from monsters or the environment.  Has different tiers.  Used for crafting items.
Materials:  Synthesized in factories.  Made from stacks of resources.  Used for building.
Thralls:  Ghosts that can be captured and used as an item crafting reagent.
Items:  Crafted from resources using generic recipes.  Attributes vary depending on crafting process.
Additional things we know:

  • All items are crafted
  • Items eventually "go away"
  • Crafting involves open-ended combinations
  • There is a notion of "best" item
  • Some reagents can only be harvested from certain monsters
  • there will be no "camping of monsters to find that one rare item" (this might be out of context?)
There is specific mention of:
  • "rare" thralls
  • "rare" items
  • "rare" resources
  • "rare" crafting materials (more plentiful in difficult campaigns)
  • "rare" reagents
  • "rarest" reagents (only available in Shadow and Dregs)




Where do rare items come from?

  • Random rare drops
  • Resource intensive crafting requirements
  • Drops from elite mobs requiring groups
  • Others?

What are the pros vs. cons of the systems you've seen?




Note: I heavily referenced courant101's Compilation thread:  http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/3762-information-on-crowfall-compilation/


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I don't think truly rare items will exist. I believe this is a world where they are attempting to make the very best items fairly common so that a persons build and level of skill is the determining factor in a win instead of their gear, essentially the Anti-everyMMO except DF and SB mantra. 

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"Rare" doesn't have to mean "low percentage random". I would much rather see "rare" mean "this resource can only be found in limited quantities at a very small number of map locations." Randomly rare drops do not inform strategic decisionmaking. Reliably rare drops create significant loci of player-made content.

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Let's throw the word rare items out the door.......lets start thinking more along the lines of rare crafter's, and builder's.


Better yet, let's talk runewords and randomly generated item stat system ala Diablo.

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In any PVP game with full loot the majority of the players will use armor/weapons recipes that are the most economically viable.


No one in their right mind is going to run solo with the most uber gear...just to get ganked and lose it.


Like in UO most people used GM made armor weapons....rarely unless running with a crew would the bring out the good power/vanquishing weapons.


CrowfAll im sure will be the same. Where a range of affordable mid tier gear is used for the daily......and maybe 1 good set is saved for the huge more important sieges at the end of a campaign when the world will go pooof......

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Well. Just going to throw this out there. I believe they have mentioned that the idea of resource quality based crafting inspired from SWG.


Now it probably wont work exactly like it did there.


However they way it worked in swg was. Resources had random properties that fluctuated throughout the servers. Some of the properties made them, the resources, better for certain items or uses. So you could for example get a basic resource, lets say copper, that was very good at increasing the base damage of a weapon. If you used that for crafting said weapon it would probably be better than a weapon crafted with copper of a lesser quality.


Now SWG had a fluctuating resource meta-game that spanned all the planets in the game. The best crafters would be the ones that were dedicated to finding the best resources first and in the biggest quantities. It was very complex and I don't think they are going for that exact model. However they have hinted at resource quality before.


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My vision of how things should be.




Every single resource in the game should be able to be harvested by anyone at anytime with the right skill levels. No groups should be required at all to get the resources you need to craft. I have two reasons for this:


First, we should all be able to help our group, guild, faction or just ourselves on our own time. Everyone has a job to do, and a harvest skilled individual should be able to do this on his own. I really don't want to see group PvE content in this game.


Second, if we are after the rarer resources, we could be encouraging group play in another way. PvP often takes place in valuable areas. Should that harvester go at it alone, he risks dying and someone looting up all his hard work. This promotes social engagement, but does not force it.




Refined resources, or materials given your example, should be fairly easy to craft. I would personally like to see a percentage of the stack of raw resources lost upon refinement to reflect poor skill or poor quality resources. As a person skills up their crafting, they should lose less and less raw resources during the refining process. Once refined, materials are able to be stacked, stored, traded or turned into materials... of course.




I kind of appreciate the base idea of these already. I don't have much to add here.




Really I just want to see a large variety of options and statistics that are valuable and/or tactical. I want to see meaningful choices in gear. Maybe we need to sacrifice health to attain better stealth detection, run speed or digging ability. Perhaps we will have to lower our damage output to players to allow for more siege damage. I want a lot of meaningful, tactical options in this game. No best-in-slot gear, leave that for the rotting carcass of online gaming past.

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I want a lot of meaningful, tactical options in this game. No best-in-slot gear, leave that for the rotting carcass of online gaming past.


I agree 100 percent. I think every item should be useful in some way not really straight upgrades. "Lower quality" items could still be usefull because they are more easily replaceable. a good crafter could make sets of gear from basic materials into something that performs like a higher quality set. This would make leveling crafting extremely viable.



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