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doc gonzo

{Ooc} Rp Forum Rules...

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Usually you get a warning first that reminds you about the rules and shows where the line is. Just don't exaggerate. If it is something that could be in any book, it should be ok.

If you want more specific answers, i would suggest to ask thequestion in the great hall or to send an eMail at support@artcraftent.com.

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Bonjour. Peut-on poster des récits RP en français, ou doit-on aller ici : Coin Créatif Français pour le faire ? Merci d'avance !

Bisous de la communauté RP française. ;)


Hello. Can i post my French Roleplay stories here, or i have to go on Coin Créatif Français for that ? Thanks !

Kiss from French Roleplay community. ;)

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