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03/11 Crowfall Interview (Walton And Thomas)

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I think it hasn't been posted here yet.


Anyway Thomas said we're going to have some infos on Promotion classes and disciplines by the end of the week! Hard cap confirmed also.


Edit: ThomasB should really do more interviews, he's giving lots of insights. :)

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It was a good interview. We find out a little more with each one even though the person didn't know the most about crowfall. Which is ok not every interview can be a such a detailed drilled in thing. Was also cool to see Gordon get more question time and Uncle Bob get his turn.

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A very good interview, and they covered alot of the aspects of the game.

Kinda sad he didnt try and get some crafting questions out, eventhough Koster wasnt there, they could probably have answered some of them.


We know so little about the whole raftingaspect of the game.

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