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Greetings From The Internet! & Toa, (& Ca), A Furry.

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Hey guys. Unabashed Furry here!  I found out about the game on it's 1st day. I was a dedicated, near-daily posted on the forums for Trials of Ascension who's KS started a few days before Crowfall's did.  Sadly, ToA tanked. The money I put in for the pre-KS campaign is likely forever lost (let's just say over $100) and I have little hope for it to pick up the pieces and carry on. (Seeing as they lost their head, and only, programmer shortly after the KS begun for reasons...)


In our off-topic forum Crowfall was brought up and pretty much every one of our major members there jumped on board here. We are likely to form up our own Guild and name it something along the lines that would identify us as refugees from ToA (As if the world that it took place in was one of the worlds that died in a Crowfall campaign)


And don't you lot worry, I'm only one of like 2 or 3 Furries that existed in that world. You'll have plenty of us to worry about being Duelists than you'll have to worry about an influx from ToA. ;3


And while the Duelist is enticing, he will not likely be my main, as I like to play as caster classes. He will be an oft-used alt however.


If you wish to say Hi to me in any other format, I'm quite easy to find, just punch my name into Steam, or any other such communication service or search engine. =3 

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Thank you kind Mahrim. I just had a look over the classes too, so it looks like my planned character list will be Duelist, Confessor, and Druid. Confessor likely being my 'Main' and Duelist being my sub-main. 

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