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Hi there,


My name is Winter Serenity, but most people just call me Serenity! I'm here posting an introduction in the introductory forum 'cause that seems like the thing to do. I was an avid fan of Star Wars Galaxies back in the day, and I am here in hopes that I will have just as much fun here, as I did then.  I'm probably not that old, but feel like I'm way too old, (Who doesn't?) I love hanging out with my friends and playing video games together so hopefully I'll tow a few people with me here. I'm usually pretty cheerful, albeit a tad shy. I believe in trying to make people happy, and as such have a bit of a happy go lucky personality. I love chatting too, so if you want to talk about anything feel free!  You can probably find me on Steam or whatever else have you under the same name. 


So yeah, nice to meet you, potential reader of my post! If I don't talk to you here, maybe our paths will cross in game!

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