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[Ooc] [Resource For Roleplayers] Let's Talk Races!

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I've had a hard time finding one single, be-all-end-all resource for discovering about the races. For this reason I decided to make this thread where we can pool our knowledge about each race as it appears (which it undoubtedly will sooner or later, given ArtCraft's so far marvelous attention to background story!)


My initial knowledge is limited, probably far less than some of yours, so bear with me as I stumble my way through. I'll edit the OP with any meaningful contributions; hopefully we'll end up with a tool that makes it less of a hassle to determine what kind of race you want your character to be, and what you can expect from that choice.


The following will be my attempt at guessing based on the information on the site. I will primarily be making assumptions based off of the Archetype pages.


(My horrible formatting is subject to change.)





Centaurs are known to be a proud race. They're skilled warriors, and have honed their capabilities to the point of perfection, all for the purpose of creating the Legionnaire. Centaurs take pride in achievements, and their society is built upon the rendering of these feats of strength.

They are fixated on the succes of their lineage to the point of obsession; if your family does well - and "doing well" is usually measured in military might - you're well on your way to good fortune in the eyes of a Centaur. Breed is important, and each family considers it their top priority to keep only the best genepool in their bloodline.

The Centaurs consider themselves the rulers of all worlds. They are convinced that, with the vastness of their Empire, they would conquer the Realms of Man with ease if not for the Hunger. This also provides their motivation; the Centaurs loathe the Hunger, for it keeps them in check and unable to carry out their plans.



Dryad (No info on the males yet, it's conceivable that the male version will be a Satyr.)


Dryads are the stewards of nature. Their supernatural ability to commune with the wildlife around them lends to their ability as Druids. Naturally, this connection points towards Dryads having a rather intimate relationship with all things nature; you'd assume that they think of the Hunger as their natural enemies. While the Hunger is a natural enemy to any living being, it especially puts Dryads at risk, due to the nature of it's all-consuming powers. Where there is no life, the Dryad's powers must be weakened significantly. For this reason - with the Hunger being the very definition of a polar opposite to life itself - we can with great certainty draw the conclusion that Dryads, more than anyone, despise the Hunger for what it's done.

It is possible that Dryads have a very strong connection to Gaea even after her passing.





Elkin are skilled trackers and pathfinders. They're able to maneuver with ease through the thickest of forests without slowing down. This coupled with their agility and innate ability to make close to no sound make them ideal creatures for setting up traps and poaching wildlife. Elkin have an air of trickery about them, and if one should catch you in a heavily forested area, you're certain to be subject to their most devious plans. They'll distract you, and before you know it, you're being stared down through the sights of a bow from a distance far too great for you to put up any meaningful resistance.

It is this skillset that makes them the ideal traveling partner should you decide to travel, or even live, amongst trunks and thistle.

Elkin are renowned as descendant of D'Orion, the sky hunter; a demi-god compared to the twelve current Gods, yet still carries part in the annals of the Crowfall universe.

Prince D'Orion proved to be a great nuissance against the rule of Men, as the first of his kind and thus leader of the Elkin by right.





















[Champion] - [Confessor] - [Ranger]










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Would love to check this out once it's finished, before I dip my little toe into RP'ing here. 

Oh damnit I forgot all about this thread! Thanks for the inadvertent reminder; I'll try to finish it as soon as possible.

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is it only certain races can use to taking specific class?


Welcome to the forum! You may want to post similar questions in the Community Question & Answer forum for a better chance at helpful replies.


Archetypes are kind of combination race/classes. They later promote into actual classes, and there may or may not be overlap. (IE: Both a Centaur Legionnaire and Half-Giant (?) Champion can both promote to Warrior). The overlap is conjecture based on what was in Shadowbane, though it's pretty likely.


This is a nice write-up if you want to get an idea of some of the core concepts.



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