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Looking for guild

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I am looking for a guild that will have a mix of Shadowbane and W101 players. I believe this will help in learning the new game as well as dealing with guilds that are strictly one or the others.

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The guild  i'm in welcomes anyone that wants to join no requirements well you can't be a zombie but as long as your not a zombie you may join ;)

i've played multiple online games ( to many to list )

but this one looks the most promising! 

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You can take a look at my new gaming community here. We will be playing Crowfall, Mount and Blade: Bannerlord, and Heroes of the Storm so far.


We have a forum set up, a site, a live stream, a fansite section, and more. Voice chat will be up and running tomorrow.


link: http://www.kovgaming.com


I hope you find a clan that suits your needs, even if it is not mine.


Good luck!  :)


edit: I forgot to mention, that our site is also a crowfall fansite, a forum for everyone (not just KoV members), and a blog. Even non-members can use our forum, so check it out on our site as well. Everyone is allowed to be in the community. 

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