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03/13/15 - Character Progression Faq

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It's time to reveal more details about Character progression!


The lifetime of a character:



Character Progression FAQ


How does character progression work?

Character progression happens in a few different ways.

At character creation, the player selects an Archetype, and a series of Advantages and Disadvantages.


This is done on a point system; each character (or avatar) has a set number of points that can be spent to improve the character. Additional points can be gained by taking Disadvantages. There is a limit to the number of Advantage and Disadvantage runes that can be added to each character. 


After creating the character and advancing your base skills to a level of competency through gameplay, each Archetype has the option to promote to another Class or occupation. We are planning for multiple promotion classes for each base Archetype.


The promotion classes enable the player to skew their character in a specific direction. Want to be a Knight who does more damage? Promote to Swordsman! Want to be a Knight who has even more defensive skills? Promote to Crusader! Want to be a Knight who has a ranged weapon and skills? Promote to Sentinel!


Can I change my Promotion Class later? 

No. There are a few changes that are permanent, and this is one of them. Choose carefully. 


What does a promotion class grant? 

In almost all cases the promotion class increases your skill maximums on all relevant skills. This enables the player to train their skills deeper into a chosen path, becoming a master at what they do.


Most of the time promotion also grants new powers to use in combat and extends the awesomeness of existing powers.

Sometimes promotion will grant a new weapon that can be used along with skills and powers that accompany it. Such as a melee class gaining the ability to use a bow and the skills that accompany bow usage. 


Promotion also offers the character a final chance to alter any of their advantages and disadvantages. At this point we think the player fully understands what would be useful to their character as a permanent choice.


What are the requirements to promote? 

We are still working on the exact mechanics that will allow a character to promote to their promotion class but are pretty sure it will have something to do with skill points. Either earn a specific total amount of skill points or train some specific skills to a required amount. It might even be a combination of both.


After I select a Promotion Classes, am I done with customization?

No. In addition to promotion classes, characters can also take Disciplines, which are a type of “sub-class” to further customize your character.


Disciplines are applied by collecting Runestones in the game, and applying them to your character. Not every Discipline will be available to every Archetype – but every Archetype will have access to many, many Disciplines.


Disciplines allow you to further customize your characters skills and powers. Want to focus that Knight on more sword damage? Or increasing his Strength attribute? Or turning into a Werebear? These are the types of customization effects that can be added by using Disciplines.


Discipline runes can increase your skill max with certain skills, grant access to new skills and powers, grant you new crafting recipes, or give you the ability to master weapon types that are normally restricted.


The skills, powers and recipes granted by Disciplines are typically very thematic. For example, we wouldn't have a generic “Weapon Master” discipline that gives you a bonus to swords, spears and shields – but we might have a “Gladiator” discipline that does exactly that, because it makes sense that a Gladiator might have that particular collection of skills.


Discipline Examples:


Alchemist Runestone

“Wine from Water, Gold from Lead”

  • Grants Potion Recipes
  • Grants Alchemy Skill
  • Grants Inventory Bag (Potions) - Potions placed in Potion bag will not explode when hit

Werewolf Runestone

“For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack”

  • Grants Limited Time Transformation Power - Grants Werewolf combat powers while in Werewolf form
  • Grants Bonus Damage Vampyre Stat
  • Increases Movement speed Stat
  • Grants equipment slot: Jorts

Can my Disciplines be changed? 

Yes, you can overwrite existing Discipline Runestones with new ones. Doing so will remove or reduce the benefits granted by the previous Discipline, and destroy the old one in the process.


Do Disciplines have restrictions? 

Some of them do, usually in any case where an animation set is required for that weapon which that archetype may not have. For example the Cavalier Discipline (which grants shield mastery and block powers) would not be usable by Duelist archetype, because they do not have the necessary skill pre-requirements (shields) or animation sets.


Can you give me some examples of other Disciplines? 

Sure. Here are a few examples.

Standard Bearer

Rune Caster





Blood of the Ancients






Where do Disciplines Runestones come from? 

Disciplines are found by participating in Campaigns.

The exact method varies: they can be scavenged (meaning they will spawn in ruins, or uncovered as buried treasure when tunneling in the ground), some can be crafted (using additives and resources found in the Campaign worlds) some can be granted as a special Campaign reward.


Can Discipline Runes be traded? 

Yes, but since they can’t be removed (only destroyed), you can only use them if they have not yet been applied to a character.




Falconry Wallpaper


If you like the Falconry Discipline Illustration above, you may like this wallpaper...



Enjoy the weekend! We'll see you on the forums. 

Tully Ackland

ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc. 

Follow us on Twitter @CrowfallGame | Like us on Facebook

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Cool info. I think my only questions so far are:
Can we choose to be a "crafter" at character creation, or will every character in the game start as a combatant, and then pick up crafting as a Promotion? Or will crafting be Disciplines (runestones) only?
So this means that even a 'pure' crafter is required to go out and fight stuff for at least *some* amount of time **before** they can dig into the real meat of their chosen crafting discipline(s)? Or can a 'pure' crafter never pick up a weapon and still advance fairly normally toward their end-goal?
A side note:

2) Crafting and economy is core to the vision....

Edited by Toxophile


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Lot of interesting stuff revealed here, really excited to get a full list and beginning planning my entire character progression path! 

Currently Playing - Dirty Bomb, Archeage, & Skyforge


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Please please please do not handicap guilds too much that choose to play as single Archetype racial guild.... cough forgemaster cough 

Hammers High !!  Master Brewer of the Dwarven Hold Mithril Warhammers


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WEREBEEEEEAR! (Recently in a Pathfinder game I'm running with some friends, the druid's bear did indeed get infected by a werewolf, thus creating a werebear. They healed the bear before any werebear tomfoolery happened though, haha).


Knowing that you get discipline runestones from campaigns and the amount of value they carry really helps make the campaigns that much more meaningful. And I LOVE the art for this - excellent poster! Every time I see fancy new art it makes me want to make one of those characters...


I am pretty sure I am going to gimp my first character soooo much, but hopefully I'll get enough practice in to figure out what playstyles work for me. :)

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This post is so juicy. If I could I would 10k.


I can totally see packs of werewolfs...


Also, does this mean silver equipment is green for damage vs werekin?

Edited by kiroelmarok

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Good stuff!


My personal hype levels have increased. :)


Typo: Discipline runes can increase your skill max will with certain skills, grant access to new skills and powers, grant you new crafting recipes, or give you the ability to master weapon types that are normally restricted.

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Interestingly deep this system can and hopefully is. No more limited talent trees to min/max which skill gives 1% more dmg. This is exciting watching this come together.


Keep up the great work and sharing of the ideas.

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Interestingly deep this system can and hopefully is. No more limited talent trees to min/max which skill gives 1% more dmg. This is exciting watching this come together.


Keep up the great work and sharing of the ideas.

Yep. It is very similar to Shadowbane in the progression and customization options, which is a good thing.

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Sounds great.


I hope that the different disciplines don't provide any "must have!" abilities that are easily superior to others.  There were some of those sorts of things for SB discs.  Or, to put it another way, make every ability "must have" to force meaningful and hard decisions on the players.


Basically, horizontal progression 4tw.

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