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Howdy folks, I was going to wait until beta to start recruiting but it occurred to me that some of the higher tier backers may be looking for a guild as well.


We are TRG, the words in the name have changed but the initials have always stayed the same so now we just call ourselves TRG.

We are an online gaming community that crosses many different games.


Originally formed in the days of Planetside (1) TRG has been a main stay guild in EQ2, POTBS, Warhammer online and currently PS2.


We love organized PVP, In Warhammer we would break off from the zerg and do anti zerg operations by hitting the back lines of the enemy and slowing them down/splitting them up long enough for our own forces to get into position to destroy the enemy.


For Crowfall we are looking to establish a core group of 30-50 people and will be focused on "The shadow" band of worlds when they are released.


We have forums to discuss the game and tactics along with TS for organization.


If interested apply at www.trggaming.net Put Crowfall under the othergames section and list me as your reference.


If you have any questions post here. 

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