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Will There Be Apis, Mods, Add-Ons?

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Fairly early for this, but... Do you think APIs and Mods will be allowed in this game (ie: non-game breaking and nonbotting mechanics consistent with the EULA)? I am guessing no, some of the best development and toolsets comes from the user community, but are banned for various reasons. Also, the ability to change up your UI would be nice, but that probably won't hit for a while unless they start out with frames, which is unlikely... 


Your thoughts on user toolsets?

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Well Unity has a web player (https://unity3d.com/webplayer), and a lot of good features, so I think that we will be able to integrate the information of this MMO, and other tools, in a level we never seen before. Thats for the API. for the mods I don't know... maybe the usual xml template for the UI.

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