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Ex-Rated Guild Recruitment


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First of all, I would like to say sorry for the redundancy in the first sentence of guild recruitment picture.





We are recruiting for the alpha stage atm since I personally have access to alpha 1 but it is also alright if you cannot participate in alpha :).
I certainly hope that I can see everyone in beta stage.
If you are interested in the guild offer please click the link to the guild page and apply :). If you have trouble applying to the guild, just shoot me a message and I will fix it when I can.
This is a guild that has low tolerance for abuse, you will receive a warning but if it happens again you will be kicked from the guild. Don't worry though, in general we will go easy. Just be nice, be active, and be friendly :)!
If you have a question about the guild, you can also shoot a message in the comment below and if you apply for the guild, I welcome you and thank you for your support in advance!
:)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :) 


Apply now @ Official website

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Chalcitis - A Treasure Hunting Guild, visit Forum Post

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Does sound x rated at all? Warnings for abuse? Psh.

You are so incredibly helpful, CYT. I don't know how I ever managed to do anything before we met. I was just bumbling my way through life, all lost-like. Thank you. My blessing cup runneth over.


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I may abandon The Company if the name holds true on this. Though it will need to lose the E at the front.

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