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Female Champion Wip


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Her expression is evolving into something fantastic.  I love that she's got some grit to her, some sadness and a seemingly heavy history weighing down on her.


This is great stuff. Please keep going.


The Chronicles of Crowfall           The Free Lands of Azure            RIP Doc Gonzo.

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*Sigh* I remember I use to draw all the time, I was really good at it too (Not a professional, but enough that my entire class knew me as that one student who was better than the teacher. And this was in 1st/2nd grade) Now that I'm older I lost that motivation of drawing, most of those creative ideas I had for drawing has been turned into ideas for books or screenplays. I still like to draw, but the images in my head never look good on paper, that's why I switched to writing instead. I love writing, and I love drawing, I just wish I could do both at the same time >_>


Sorry for the totally off-topic ramble, I love the picture. Your art style reminds me of another person who draws for video games or comics, I just can't remember who it is.


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Never thought of streaming. (will look into it)

However mostly doing this at night with many interruptions, wold be like watching paint dry :)


@Masterofspelss Getting that love back can take time, I have not drawn for fun in over 10 years.

Worked on a game project that fell over in the GFC, Have not touched a pen for fun till last week when I did the centaur pic.


Will post an update tonight, should be finished, then moving on to another class/race what ever :)

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