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Crafting Master List

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This is a master list of all the people who wish to be known throughout the Crowfall community as a crafter. No matter what alignment, faction, guild or god you decide to follow, you will make crafting your primary way of life until the hunger consumes us all!


Post a reply if this describes you and you want to be on the list!


*Updated 06/26/2016* 163 and counting!


Keep showing the Crowfall Devs that crafting matters.


Stay tuned for updates to this list, including professions, factions and more as more information becomes available. Don't forget to come back and make an updated post when you settle on your main character.


Here's a list of the known crafting skills: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/10863-crafting-skills-list/


Master List:

  • IdeaMatrix
  • Oridi
  • Elvine
  • dragonchicken
  • groovykool
  • anhrezcf
  • lethality
  • BaronFrank
  • Dyon
  • Reliq
  • Fleur
  • Cirolle
  • chancellor
  • shadowfang1992
  • Sarcandosa
  • dorksmetal
  • Code2Protect
  • kampfbock
  • FrostSword
  • n3rdix
  • Thaysula
  • Kevin7773
  • Alyriel
  • AlexGwyn
  • Viktor
  • Remmer
  • ledeir
  • Arginel
  • Skelzo
  • TheEternalRat
  • Stridsberg
  • billybowl
  • Tailchakra
  • Stormforge
  • ZaphodBeeblebrox
  • Otto
  • Zason
  • DraceR
  • greaterlights
  • daworf
  • DFDelta
  • icy witch
  • Illenvillen
  • Nyt
  • Menatorius
  • Beardo
  • Karetyr
  • Redgalaxie
  • Navaji
  • Nautilus
  • Myssing
  • LunaDra
  • ritthalert1
  • SgtEtrius
  • Dereus
  • Baldor
  • rhenford
  • HermaeusMora
  • Mcmanybucks(or Brokkr)
  • Trisgav
  • jeko
  • corechamber
  • Spottycat
  • Sycon
  • Mimedestroyer
  • 20kilo
  • djplasmid
  • JamesBondage
  • SlippedUp
  • Nimsey
  • lemerte
  • celldweller
  • kraege
  • Corvus52
  • DragonMat
  • Atuan
  • Jekyll
  • StarLordQuill
  • batchelder69
  • Oort
  • Atariul
  • SencneS
  • Meneek
  • Warprose
  • encantusstalker
  • Azeron
  • Garukor
  • bleakgh
  • crayolakitty
  • Surgemaster
  • Cyn
  • Trathien
  • Woogachaka
  • theonethatotters
  • zabazz
  • Xyzzyn
  • Gorath
  • jmathurin92
  • Zola
  • NovumOrigin
  • Vandraad
  • JonasHolst
  • nerdstalgic
  • Mizunari
  • Inferni
  • potatomcwhiskey (the futile circle jerker)
  • GaMiNgHaVoC
  • dum8kid
  • Torpino
  • Migo420
  • Malaiit
  • Killcrit
  • Alderune
  • Zarton
  • Gramps
  • xCasino
  • Lephys
  • coach
  • windreaper
  • Iridian ShadowWeaver
  • GeistBaoh
  • Exanix
  • drewzu
  • Candesious
  • PappyFatSack
  • vagantem2nd
  • vollmond
  • Orannius
  • chameleon
  • Absynthexx
  • Sabine
  • starrshipcs
  • Gromschlog
  • SaintfulSinner
  • Ginkgo
  • Atariul
  • Roovin
  • Real Salt
  • lameth
  • Spagyria
  • McFear
  • Akineko
  • Gcheilan
  • JaqenHGar
  • Bankee

  • Gwalchavad

  • microsblackd

  • lyeos

  • Ragem_Caelum
  • Pyrrha
  • Sepplx
  • Egavas
  • itsthelife

  • simplyskyler

  • sedside

  • Kena

  • MarkedTarget

  • Pedrob

  • Creedo

  • Silvius

  • SONofHUD

  • Masterwsw

  • Evelles


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I love the way they are setting up there crafting system. I just hope they have tons of different mats for hundreds of different possible out comes or even thousands. I'm getting sick of MMO's haveing crafting systems that you work to build up and no ones buying your goods because they can just grind better gear.

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Thought I replied to this thread weeks ago, but I'm willing to toss my name in as another Alchemist. I might spend more time with those lovely mines that appear as an Alchemist power.

Landmimes, the silent killer.

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Count me in!  I absolutely loved cutting my teeth learning the SWG crafting systems, resource harvesting, beast master system, reverse-engineering and setting up shop. I realize Crowfall will have very different versions of these kind of systems, but with developers like Raph Koster and Blixtev they should be rock solid!  


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I have some cool news for the people in this thread that aren't in a guild. Keep in mind that this is unrelated to the point of this thread.


I'm going to be heading up the crafting team for Sugoi and we're about to start recruiting crafters (as in, we're not openly recruiting yet). Keep an eye on the guild thread if you're interested. You can find it by clicking the banner in my signature or you can PM me if interested.


Please do not respond here.

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Add me to this list. Also, any crafters who are interested in joining my sub-Guild should message me as I am making a dedicated crafting guild for the alliance I am in. 

"Oh I'm sooooo gonna enjoy playing them Centaurs"

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put me in

i am going main stone mason , wood mason and siege engi. Someone is needed to build all the castles and fortresses or siege camps and that will be me.

Edited by Xenotor


THE most active European guild. Join us now!

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I feel as there should be some sort of requirement to be considered a "master" crafter, but being so early, there isn't much to do.


Go ahead and put my name on the list.  If you would like, you can also mark me as a master merchant.  I will keep most of what I

plan to do for the community hush hush for now, but soon everyone looking for specific goods and superb personal items will know IDewGame.


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