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Crafting Master List

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I'm going to craft the **** out of this game. There's too much Star Wars: Galaxies in my blood to stop me.


Sadly, I can't be a Shipwright. But that's OK. I'll just make the most murder-est daggers in the game.

Formerly Scin Karetyr, a native of Chilastra in Star Wars Galaxies

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Count me in.  I am currently planning on running 2 of my training/most played slots with crafters.


Current'y pondering bow/weapons specialist on one, and seige/fort specialist on the other (based on guestimates from current info).


3rd slot will probably be either a gatherer, or a revenge ganker.

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 I admire you people and hope we can be friends, because I´ll be running head first with my friends into battle securing that rare material and bringing it home. I´ll need your dedication to the crafting professions in order to succeed. See you in game



Arrogance diminishes wisdom

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This is a master list of all the people who wish to be known throughout the Crowfall community as a crafter. No matter what alignment, faction, guild or god you decide to follow, you will make crafting your primary way of life until the hunger consumes us all!


Post a reply if this describes you and you want to be on the list!


*Update* We're past 50 people on the list, let's make it 100!


Master List:

  1. IdeaMatrix
  2. Oridi
  3. Elvine
  4. dragonchicken
  5. groovykool
  6. anhrezcf
  7. lethality
  8. BaronFrank
  9. Dyon
  10. Reliq
  11. Fleur
  12. Cirolle
  13. chancellor
  14. shadowfang1992
  15. Sarcandosa
  16. dorksmetal
  17. Code2Protect
  18. kampfbock
  19. FrostSword
  20. n3rdix
  21. Thaysula
  22. Kevin7773
  23. Alyriel
  24. AlexGwyn
  25. Viktor
  26. Remmer
  27. ledeir
  28. Arginel
  29. Skelzo
  30. TheEternalRat
  31. Stridsberg
  32. billybowl
  33. Tailchakra
  34. Stormforge
  35. ZaphodBeeblebrox
  36. Otto
  37. Zason
  38. DraceR
  39. greaterlights
  40. daworf
  41. DFDelta
  42. icy witch
  43. Illenvillen
  44. Nyt
  45. Menatorius
  46. Beardo
  47. Karetyr
  48. Redgalaxie
  49. Navaji
  50. Nautilus
  51. Myssing
  52. LunaDra
  53. ritthalert1
  54. SgtEtrius
  55. Dereus
  56. Baldor
  57. rhenford
  58. HermaeusMora
  59. Mcmanybucks(or Brokkr)


ME Me MeMe :D

Edited by Mcmanybucks


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Crafter Master List? more like My Caravan Camping List :D


kidding, please make me Bows :(

Nah, Caravans are for the pee vee pee guys ;)


And maybe, if we are lucky enough to have to use runes to be effective at caravans, the... dum dum duuuum... Caravan guys :)


This game looks like a larger scale version of marvel heroes so far with forts.  - nephiral marts 7 2015


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