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Crafting Master List

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I'll definitely be among the crafters... when I'm not busy digging holes and tunnels.   I expect to build structures and fortifications within whatever tools they allow me to do so.  :D

◄ Jaguar / Tasho ▬ Knights of Glory and Beer ►

Master of Useless Darkfall Physics Spells and Originator of Shrapnel/Begone Jumping


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You can definitely add me to this list. Alchemy doesn't look nearly as expansive as I'd like, but if it gets fleshed out, that will be my specialization.

When the chips are down, few people can really swing the bat.

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I will be the most sought after Master Crafter in all the realms!

I plan to spend the majority of my time in the game crafting only the finest and high quality armor and weapons. 


I'm also considering pledging gold, getting my own kingdom, and having it to be filled with all of the best crafters in the game. It will be the Mecca of Crafters in Crowfall! People will come far and wide for our fine wares!

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