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Crafting Master List

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This is a master list of all the people who wish to be known throughout the Crowfall community as a crafter. No matter what alignment, faction, guild or god you decide to follow, you will make craftin

My thralls will do what I tell them, and be thankful I dont send them back to be devoured by the Hunger.

Yes, so much this.   Crafting alone is why I'm backing Crowfall.   Having my tailor's home set up as a Showroom in SWG (pre nonsense) is probably my favorite MMO memory

Are you planning on making a guild out of this list at some point? Also, where do you all plan to spend your time crafting?

This was never intended to be a guild. It's more as a way to let the world know that you're a dedicated crafter and as a resource to find crafters for the people who need them.


I will however point you to the link in my signature.scenes. 

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Are you planning on making a guild out of this list at some point? Also, where do you all plan to spend your time crafting?

I'm already part of a Guild, so I won't be part of a "Master Crafter Guild", but I plan on doing my crafting wherever I'm needed (namely in campaigns). If they want an economic empire in the EK, then I'll bounce back and forth to run things (it has already been discussed that people will be able to bounce back and forth between the campaign and EK, you just can't take anything with you either way). I'll be having thralls crafting things in the EK to sell to other people with stocked-up supplies while I actively craft weapons and such for my guild in the campaign where I get my supplies directly from the world. It's gonna be fun to see how everything works together in the final product <3

Can we have a Bard? If not as an Archetype or Promotion, then maybe a Discipline?


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Please add me. If this game will have a the kind of complex crafting that allows players to create the best items in the game, Crafting will be my primary profession.


- Gorath

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A division of Gorath Industries, LLC

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We have 2 more people till the 100 person mark! Don't forget that by using your built in browser search function (ctrl + f for windows users) you can search for your favorite crafter in the main list. If they aren't here, bring them over!

Eventually this list will be categorized by profession, faction and possibly more! 

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A life as crafter is a life in happyness.


Support to your friends, death to your enemies and maybe... just maybe... slain by your own tools of destruction.


Curse you totally non obvious spy I sold my weapons!


You can count me on the list.

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