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Any number of people may participate. One being the Game master.


each player submits his phrase like "nut job", "lightning bolt" etc. to the game master.


Game master starts the game with a phase of his choise, he should be impartial with the choise of words so his choise does not give advantage to other players. for example "Monday clown".


The game starts. Players take turns sumbitting pheases like "monday lightning" and then "lightning bolt" to move closer to their phrase and ultimately be able to say it. As soon as one of the players reaches his phrase. He/she wins. Phrases submitted must be illustrated with a picture that can be easily associated with the named words. Game master calls turns.


With hardcore ruleset losers post their naked pictures in the thread. With the regular ruleset, the game simply starts over.


If anyone is interested trying that pls post here

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If you wanted to see me naked, all you had to do was ask.

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