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Monster Hunter - Crowfall Style

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There's a forum topic somewhere that talks about the idea of player-controlled monsters (being able to play beast-characters like gorgons, owlbears, gryphons, etc) and if they do that, the game would take a whole new dynamic. There would be monsters to hunt down, but no one would be upset because of PvE content because they're fighting players, which would make monster-hunting PvP by definition.

Can we have a Bard? If not as an Archetype or Promotion, then maybe a Discipline?


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I see it as nothing other than a positive feature to have dangerous, elusive, and intelligent monsters scattered across the world that would be on par with Monster Hunter's monster mechanics.  It would be fricken amazing, and something that's really never been done in an MMO.


When you think of monsters in MMOs these days, you think of swatting flies really; they'll probably flop over after a few hits, and might display a small degree of intelligence sometimes, but only at a minor consequence.  Imagine something on a whole different level, like chasing certain monsters for rare or important materials, monsters that actively flee you, can take a hit, require a group, and will actually probably kill you unless if you and your party really stay on your toes and have learnt what tools/tricks are needed to slay that specific monster (weakening it, and then severing its tail for example to stop its deadly tail sweeps, also leaving a tail that can be scavenged for material).


I'm sure the Crowfall development team with their whole "monsters by season" idea are only intending to add things like stronger damage, an added effect on hit, and maybe a new ability or two for the system.  I think it should be more.


 In rainy seasons, some could gain the ability to go aquatic, making them immensely more difficult to kill, but with rare materials being paramount to strengthening your faction for warfare, you'll probably find yourself with a group of adventurers entering the den of these monsters anyways, lamenting that you had not gathered their materials earlier when they were less formidable.


It's a PvP game, and something that draws people to immediate rewards like slaying these difficult monsters will in fact create a lot of opportunities for PvP that would contribute towards the overall goal of the game.  I can just imagine all of the grief in people when they along with their party are just about to overcome that one monster they meticulously studied and struggled against are ambushed by the opposite faction, and have everything taken from them.

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I for one am sick of the lack of emphasis and content in PVE that the devs have shown so far.


PvE is a content type that requires more developer time to be engaging. Fighting the same monster type over and over and over gets old fast. So you need new monsters, new abilities, and AI that can make effective use of those abilities. Ideally you are talking dungeons etc.


With PvP two players with the exact same skill set can play very differently. Things are more intense, engaging, even emotional.


I think the developers are wise to shift the focus from PvE to PvP until that aspect of the game is really good. Once they can make this game great with pretty mediocre PvP then they can go in, create a bunch of awesome PvE content and make us something extraordinary.

"To hell with honor. Win."

A Beginner's Guide to Crowfall (5.8.5 Edition)


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