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The Grand Republic - For The Good Of Us All

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Hello, my friends. I'm glad you could join us. For today is a momentous occasion. Today is the creation of our Grand Republic. A shining beacon to hold the cosmos together.
The Grand Republic is an experiment. It's a concept as much of a guild.
It's an ideal. It's the idea that if we band together, and we work together, we can create a universe of peace. We can create prosperity. We can beat the hunger.
Not everyone wants peace, however. Many want war. And oh. We will give it to them. Our army will be second to none. They will be well equipped, well trained, and disciplined. Our intelligence network will be second to none. It will be the thing of legends.
Together, my friends. We will defeat The Hunger.

What? - Our Grand Republic


The Grand Republic is a guild created for a singular purpose. To get as large as possible as quickly as possible from alpha onwards, in order to facilitate the stress testing of mechanics that prevent the formation of large armies.
Hunger is, as we all know, the otherworldly force consuming the universe. Hunger Mechanics, as I like to term them, are any mechanical function within the game rules that cause player decay. They are durability loss. They are the need for food. They are the need for warmth. They are item drop. They are water buckets run to the walls. They are gold for banestones.
They are the per-unit costs involved in running an army, and if they are not well balanced, then an idiot like me could end up winning a campaign, and I don't think anyone wants that.
They are Entropy. And they are what The Republic, and what we all, must face. Any who feel safer pledging under a fool who sees otherwise is just setting themselves up to be fed to The Hunger in the end.

Why? - Why we Exist

Because it's the right thing to do. The thread in my Signature (The Creation of an Empire) explains the core idea. If we create something like this, then the developers get a unique opportunity to balance around it, and to tweak the mechanics to get things 'just right'.

Who? - Guild Roster

Hi / Drakkus - This Idiot

courant101 - High Quality Poster

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Hi my friend. I would like to fight for the good of us all along with the Grand Republic.


haha, okay. I added you. I'm going to be honest that I have no idea what the guild will look like, or even if it'll be a guild. It depends a lot on what the structure of player alliances and guilds looks like in the game.


If the guild mechanics are similar to Shadowbane, I might build up some numbers through Alpha, then move on to propose non-aggression, mutual-defense pacts with guilds who agree to the concept once we get into beta. Or sub under some larger force if that becomes necessary. Who knows. It's way too early to know what the politics are going to look like.


If the guild actually happens before Alpha (IE: Other people start signing up), I'll probably try and get some forums / signatures / etc up. I registered the domain a while back, and an online presence could probably be created pretty quickly. I wasn't really intending to try and form a cohesive guild until Alpha, but you never know.



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