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Plans To Avoid Zerg Groups?

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I have read all the information I can find on the game and I am incredibly hyped. So far my only concern is one that plagued my time in Dark Age of Camelot's RvR combat back in the day: roaming zerg groups. I read about small groups being able to make differences with regards to the bloodstone campaign. I was curious what other ideas the devs or community might have to keep the game from devolving into a train of a hundred characters rolling over anyone caught in their path?

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I guess you can't really have a way of not running into them since the campaigns are not played in one giant map but rather smaller maps. Eventually you will have to run into them but skills in PvP is not the only way to defeat Zerg groups :)! Zerg groups are usually not well coordinated and one way to out smart them is by using strategies I guess. You can salvage food resources efficiently and mining materials. This way no matter how strong they are, they will probably starve to death. The game is much more like WoW so I wouldn't say that Zerg groups is a huge problem here :).


Instead just enjoy the gameplay, the excitement of survival. If it this is a strategy game then zerg is not an option. I am sure the devs will do their best to avoid this problem too.


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