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Lf: Hardcore Pvx (And/or Squads/communities)


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Hey everyone,

I am looking for a "hardcore" PvX guild.  By hardcore I mean that they are aiming to be a top-tier clan/guild within CF.  My focus is PVP (my bread & butter (min/maxer & elitest)), but I do enjoy PVE'ing and doing other PVE related tasks + crafting


I am not entirely sure on the community features of CF yet (like squads and communities)


I am really interested in participating in (and WINNING) the campaigns.  I am assuming to do this you may need to both PVP & PVE during these campaigns.



If having everything in one guild isnt possible:


So maybe a PVX for a guild


A hardcore/elitist PVP squad (or smaller group than a guild)


A community for crafting



My latest MMOs have been WS > FFXIVARR > GW2 > SWTOR.  SWTOR and WS were my hardcore PVP games


Please feel free to ask me any questions!




#donteventrip [det] - 1.2 counter-strike OG - SugoiAnime-Planet stats

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