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The Iron Bank


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The Iron Bank will have its due.


We are now accepting applications for Key Holders (Officers) for The Iron Bank.

The goal of The Iron Bank is simple, we will negotiate contracts to further the wealth of The Iron Bank above all else.

From the Eternal Kingdoms we will pick campaigns and negotiate with other guilds to ensure their success in the campaigns.

Tentatively the structure of the guild will be similar to a real life bank with plenty of opportunity for advancement.

Key holders will be vetted and will report directly to me and will be responsible for their Division.

Each division will be responsible for brokering trades between other guilds and individuals as well as fulfilling contracts brokered by Key holders. Each Division will also have particular skills that will be contracted out depending on what is needed, a division of assassins will be employed for those that break contract with the bank, a division of mercenaries will be employed to help a guild when they need to push the balance in their favor to win a campaign.

We will amass supplies and trade resources to ensure a steady increase in our holdings, those that end a campaign with resources will come to us to trade undesirable resources for ones they want.

I have a long background of running guilds, managing guild banks, and negotiating contracts; we will run the guild like a business and we will succeed where others will fail.

Website and Ventrilo coming soon.

Desired disciplines will include PVP, Crafting, and resource harvesting.

Being a member of The Iron Bank will include a certain level of prestige and therefore general members will be invite only via the Key Holders. We will not mass recruit nor will we spam chat like a lot of guilds will, each member will be vetted and will be expected to act in a Professional manner in game at all times.

Anyone that fails to uphold our expectations will be kicked from the guild with majority vote of Key holders and will be blacklisted.

Interested Key Holders should PM me with the following:

Brief RL Bio. (RL bankers, economists, or shadow organization members welcome)

Preferred play style.

Experience in either running a guild or being an officer in a guild.

What division you would like to run (Divisions below are not set in stone and are flexible, if you want to recruit a division of Centaur Cowboys that may be permissible)

Open Divisions:

Iron Bank Mercenaries

Iron Bank Crafters

Iron Bank Resource harvesters

Iron Bank negotiators

Iron Bank Assassins

Iron Bank Magic Users

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why not just join the trade company it is basically the same and is also just in the making,we have already a site and ts is on the way

but if you don't want to that is fine,without any competition it would be boring^^

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No offense but I took a look at the trade company and for a variety of reasons I am going a different route. I wish The Trade company the best of luck but I am aiming for a different approach to The Iron Bank.

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