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If I Pledge To Kickstarter Now, Do I Get Stretch Goal Rewards?

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If I pledge to kick starter now, do I get all previous backer rewards? Or did I have to be pledged when we passed those atretch goals?



As in;


I'll get a free month of VIP/statue if I pledge for backer status

I'll get a mount figurine/1month/statue if I pledge 100+ more?



Thanks all

~ the one and only ~

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This is a good point to bring up, as I am sure many potential backers may wonder the same.


As others said, simply back at any time during the KS campaign, and you are eligible for all stretch goal incentives!



Kell is correct!


Kell is great.

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Ks doesn't pull funds until the campaign is done. Which is in 6'ish days. So anyone, even waiting till the few seconds, are still qualified to get all the backer rewards.

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Kell is correct!


Kell is great.

My question on this is I was emailed with my bonuses from the backer status but the email did not include any of the stretch goals.  IE my backer already gave me one month VIP and that was in the email but the stretch goal of 1 month VIP was not.  I should have had 2 months.

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