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Crafting Menus

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Breaking up the monotonous menu based crafting for a more hands on approach, for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zfxutd2RDxM - instead of standing next to a crafting station and picking from a list to choose from and then watching a loading bar complete, you actually move around in game mimicking similarities to what you would in real life. I know it's a balancing act from making it too tedius, but having to mix up different crafting principles like instead of a longsword you could make a scimatar instead by the way you forge/heat/sharpen the metal, or the type of forge you need to create different variants.


Anything to move past clicking a windows based menu system like you're playing a spreadsheet instead of you know, pyhsically crafting virtual world items, would help with immersion/fun and might help to the feel of what you're going for when you want crafters to stand out, would be pretty neat to watch master crafters create weapons in front of your eyes instead of standing in one place like they're AFK.



PS Also please add unique boss drops that are only useful when forged(which can be destroyed if not handled properly), having a smither or similar type of profession actually experience hesitation/fear or choosing to contact a better master crafter then doing it themself on creating a unique item, would go a long way in creating social interaction and recongnition. Having items degrade with use should negate the overpowering of said item(of unique properties+rarity), also choosing who wields it can bring in a lot of social intergration/tension when the group decide on either giving it to the player who could most use said item to its full potential...or the latter which would be greed.

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I agree with the idea of actually doing blacksmithing, instead of just pressing "Create". Thralls would then be more important aswell.


I don't think they're adding Bosses, atleast I haven't read anything about them. With that said, they could just drop an extremely rare material require to build a unique sword, like diamonds or sapphires. 

Weapon status dropping with durability doesn't seem right, I know it's more realistic but it's not fun for a game. Durability is just like a limited use of said weapon, so you don't get the best gear ever and keep it forever.

"Soul binding" a weapon is not fitting for this game since there will be campaigns where you drop all your gear. (I think?)


Covert Stealth Operation Specialists

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I have read some of the crafting sub sections, but wanted to give a suggestion to the the devs cause they apparently read this space for new ideas. I'm fine if this needs moving but i never seen the same recommendation in that sub forum.


As for bosses i was just assuming a scenario for rarer loot to be obtainable, it's fine if it comes from scarce nodes or what not, like i said just a suggestion. As for durability i read somewhere that your gear will break over time, no exceptions, to make crafters more relevent to the game world as in for supply and demand instead of crafting your personal gear yourself to max level like in other traditional MMOs and never having to rely on others except maybe for materials. I like the concept they're shooting for but execution is going to be fundamentally important, just as important as the idea itself.

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