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Eternal Kingdoms! Kickstarter Update 19

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No one will have an advantage or a huge EK at launch.  We all start at the same point at launch.  The build up will take some time, some campaigns will need to be won, etc.  But after a period of time.........................yea, big ones will emerge.  


Although EK will generally start with locked cells, you have to take into consideration that Kickstarter awarded Parcels will unlock an according number of cells in the owner's personal EK.  This means people who pledged $2.5k+ will have some pretty impressive EK to start with (49, 89, 169 unlocked cells).


I doubt that players can "share unlocked parcel cells" and shove them into 1 EK, the unlocked cells will most likely be automatically unlocked in their personal EK, so only big kickstarter patrons will have big EK to start with.


And of course, guilds that focus on 1 EK will see progress faster than 1 player will alone on his EK, but he can always join a group of players and socialize with them if he wants to see the benefits of a larger EK.


The good thing is that while EK are affected by a player's wallet, the gameplay inside the Campaigns with the biggest rewards (Dregs) is unaffected by there thanks to prohibited imports.  EK serve for big guilds to secure lower incomes in Campaigns with less risk and pay off, and for players to socialize in.



I look forward to EKs. They're a very appealing to me as a compliment to the campaigns. I love going creative and building stuff and can easily see how I'd be motivated to win a certain campaign to bring home what I need to finish whichever feature of my EK I'm working on at the moment. As such it's an awesome trophy side game. 


But the excitement of building up your EK, or your part of someone else's, will be quite severely hurt by the fact that the same advances you just made over months of campaigning - your neighbors can make instantly by paying a fairly trivial sum in the cash shop. 


And by handing out serious heaps of castles and palaces etc etc etc to pledgers, won't the EK side game be broken from the get go? Won't EKs with such insurmountable advantages easily attract the game population for whichever purpose they choose, leaving little chance to compete for those who build their EK by playing the game?


While I do understand that the EKs must serve this very purpose - to bring in the cash without breaking the campaigns - it hurts to see such a cool concept being p2w.


The EK are the sacrificial lamb which must be offered to the whales for the game to be born and for the Campaigns to prosper.  The EK are not the core gameplay.  But do not worry, I doubt we will be in the EK for very long, all the fun will take place in the Campaigns (Especially low import Campaigns).

How Can Mounts Add to the Crowfall Experience?  Caravans, Hunting Boars, and more.


How Complex can Mining be in Crowfall?  Mining difficulty, fatigue, infrastructure.

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EKs will be the land of mega guilds and whales. That is likely why they can be ignored without it compromising your ability to PVP. Because if they made a big difference they would create the dreaded PTW. Either way I'm dissappointed in their proposed implementation.

I role play a wordsmith.


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This update has done nothing to quell my displeasure with the direction of the EK.


In fact, it just reinforces what a missed opportunity the entire thing is.



you don't have to really interact with the rest of the EK's you can just be a tennant who comes to drop gear maybe shop and then go back to a campaign. in fact this model almost relies on the existence of people like you.


Personally I will be spending almost an even amount of time in EK's and campaigns as the idea of being a king or even jut a noble entices me greatly. One of the main reasons I am drawn to CF is because of the player interaction and for that sake the EK's do nothing but facilitate that.

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