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Legendary swordsmiths, armorers, etc. put hallmarks on their products to identify their work.  I was wondering if this will be possible in Crowfall?


Developers have said that expert crafters will be in demand to produce goods by the largest/best guilds and monarchies, but how do they get the word out, that their stuff is good?  Note:  this is especially true for players who are not migrating en masse from other games and don't know a lot of the others who will be playing.  I'm thinking these ready-made cohorts will be coming in with pretty cohesive groups, and newcomers won't be welcome without something to recommend them.


If this question has been asked before, thanks, and please somebody point me to the replies.  There are literally thousands of pages and try as I might, there are limitations to my reading speed.  


I think it would be a neat idea though.







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This has been discussed some over in "Crafting Discussion; A Breakdown Of Different Systems."  I don't remember all of the places where it was mentioned, but I know I mentioned it in one of my last replies (should be very close to the current end of the thread).


It's going to depend somewhat on how deep the crafting system goes.  If the crafting system is deep enough for an individual crafter to come up with a unique combination that other players will find worth tracking back to the source then hallmarks make sense.  If that isn't possible, then they don't make sense.


At the moment we don't know how deep the system will be, and it doesn't sound like ACE knows either.




Also, here is the most definitive answer we have from ACE on the matter:


From the Economy FAQ:

9. What do you propose to “bring back” crafting?

We are not claiming to have a silver bullet on this one, just some ideas based on years of playing and observation. There are a ton of lessons to be learned looking at games like Star Wars Galaxies and EVE Online which had and still have success with their crafting and economic loops. From a very high altitude, crafters need to be able to: craft unique items, explore new recipes and profit from the results of this exploration, and create customized items for all styles of play. Crafters must have an audience to buy their goods. The loop between crafter and combatant has to exist! And, ideally, crafters need to be able to “mark” their product so that they can build a social reputation and a following.

The very concept that players can and will lose their items at some point is required, otherwise the game loop breaks. It is a very controversial topic for those who don’t like the potential of losing their items, and we understand that. But sometimes you have to embrace ideas that may not be popular at first glance, because they open up amazing areas of gameplay that are otherwise not accessible.

On Crowfall, we’re willing to take some of these risks, because we know that the payoff will be worth the effort.

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soli deo gloria

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Thanks for this!  I hope they follow through.  


IRL, things break and have to be replaced.  (I'm not even going into the 'planned obsolescence' idea) and to make crafting a worthwhile thing to do, other than the personal advantages of being able to make good stuff for yourself, especially in a game that has an economic structure, it makes sense to know where to go to get something that you know is a quality product.


I really appreciate your response.

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