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(Ooc-Ish?) Character Narratives


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Someone posted this topic in the Confessor forum, but it didn't get much reception. I think it will probably work better here. I will be playing as a Confessor; here is my narrative as it stands (when info on the gods is released, it will likely be edited).


- - -


You need not fear me, friend. I come as your saviour.


The Hunger shall devour this world, but that is as it should be; all sin must be cleansed.


You think me mad? No, I am not mad, merely at peace. They must come to terms with their transgressions. The Hunger is not a force to be stopped. It is the divine judgement. It is the holy fire that burns away our sins. Do not try to save those that are doomed; they have brought this upon themselves.


Join me. Not all must be destroyed. Help me to salvage what remains pure. We need not fear the infected, for they will fall before us in the face of our righteousness.


Oppose me however, and you will feel the rage of the Almighty turned against you. You will feel yourself burn, and you will know, just before you are devoured, that the fire is wisdom, and the pain is transcendence.


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