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Codename: Monopoly

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...if you're seeing this, you may be interested...





Interest however, is not all that you need. 





...What you need is a password...





If you want in, you must find it.





You won't know when.

You won't know where.

For the lucky few that find it, you will be let into the inner circle.




The first 5 will lead the way.

The second 10, a name they will build.

The third 15 keep enemies at bay.

The last 20, will finish the guild.


Message me in private if you have interest in joining and think you have found the password. As we get closer to launch, I will give hints. The password may already exist on these forums...but, it may not exist for months. It's up to you to find it.


List of people who have found it:

  1. rowannyx (Congrats!)

Summary of hints:

  • The subject relates to something in the past
  • Loose lips, sink ships
  • Deny One, Deny all, Curators run, Spies Fall
  • It's not about a board game
  • The password is written on cloth
  • If I denied all, the riddle would fall
  • All these hints have a common theme
  • The phrase contains 2 words)
  • The password can be bought but, not from me.
  • The password is on international display.
  • Souvenir
  • (Next hint coming soon)
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Let me guess: it has something to do with Monopoly?


Am I doing this right, guys? ...Guys?

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Well everybody knows the way to win Monopoly is to have a hotel on Boardwalk, so is the password Boardwalk? Park Place?

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... Can i buy property before i pass go the first time or do i have to wait? I prefer to start buying right away... please reply i need to know the rules! :) and i get the moneybag

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