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I think CrowFall should be based on the Time Cube theory.



www.timecube.com for those who've never seen this nut job.

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In a low tech setting there's no practical difference between spherical and flat worlds: nobody is likely to travel far enough for the difference to matter. The first circumnavigation of the world took over 3 years of continuous travel; there's no reason anybody should expect to wrap around in an evening's game session.


If you can run from one side of a "continent" to the other in two hours, that "continent" is less than 26 miles wide- nobody has yet managed to run a sub 2:00 marathon. Even with all the magic you want to invoke it can't be much more than 50 miles wide. Now tell me it makes sense to wrap one side of a 50-mile wide island around to its own other side.


The land masses we see in a MMO's aren't worlds or even continents; they're more like a few small islands. Unless that world is a tiny, tiny asteroid. So on the scales we're actually playing games in, wrapping is completely unnecessary and inappropriate.

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How large would a world actually have to be for it to feel comfortable and realistic? Wouldn't you find it weird to actually see the pronounced curvature of the planet you're on?

The surface of a planet would have to be insanely large for a world to feel real and have some realistic gravitational attraction. Or would you rather have a "Little Prince" kind of world?



And a world that large would also reduce the player interaction drastically, thus making the game experience worse.

That's why I favour the flat worlds over the round ones.

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Actually a pretty important question from a tactical standpoint. I'd imagine it works like Civilization, where if you go off the west side of the map you wrap around to the east side.

Yeah, I'm not disagreeing with you guys but there's not really any reason to argue about the "realism" of small round worlds when we're talking about small round worlds that are populated by centaurs and magical talking hamsters who jump from dimension to dimension serving a pantheon of warring gods.


On the other hand, this is totally worth talking about from a gameplay perspective.


- I could see a wrapping world being hard to accurately map without confusing players

- Having an invisible wall around the playable world might lead to exploits or issues with procedurally generated terrain

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I think it would be pretty neat to make it round but yeah if it's like SB with big island.continents then I expect everyone will build their cities at the waters edge to prevent siege engines attacking 2 or 3 sides of your city.

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If it's a competition between the gods then maybe they've agreed on a set of rules where we're limited in where we fight. That could give us the more sensible edge map while sticking with the lore.

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