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Game Of Thrones


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I can't wait to see Cersei get her just desserts in the next episode or so. Those of you who have read "A Dance with Dragons" will know what I'm talking about. Delightful retribution for her heinous acts of political mayhem to follow!


On a related note, I've noticed how wildly the show now diverges from the books. It's pretty awesome to see a new take on characters and events from the books. I love what HBO is doing with the arc of the story. 


Oh and Jaqen H'ghar's appearance in the last episode. Ahhh! Fantastic. I wonder if he and Arya will become assassins in love? 


Ooooh, and Tyrion will finally become the Dragon Lord of his dreams.


I do feel bad for Tommen though. He can't help that his mother is a foul incestuous monster. Poor kid. 


Watching the entire season after all the episodes air will be a lot of fun later in the summer. 


Can't wait!

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