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03/23/15 - $1.4 Million - Minotaur's Announced!

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That's an excellent question... We have Centaurs, the Aracoix equivalent Assassins, and now Minotaurs. 


Nephilim, Shades, and Vampires maybe? :D



These archetypes could also simply be more "class" options for the current races too.  

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The concept art gives me the further idea that maybe as some batpoorly made socks stretch goal at some point, one of the things we could have something akin to executions. Since, after all, we are dealing with faction based warfare/alliances and whatnot, I imagine there is some fun to be had with the idea of being able to publicly and brutally murder some of the opposition . Something like a fatality, except not as stupidly over the top. I'm not actually sure how feasible such a thing would be or how it would fit (not to mention I can see such a thing being abused like hell in a PVP game like this), but I do think that being able to do certain things with/to the opposition to send a message across the campaign is a pretty neat one, but again, not too sure if it's actually possible.

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Woooohooooooo, talk about sweet to get home from work and see 1.4mil in pledges, 3 backers from free land and bloody Minotaurs announced for the next stretch! Let's go maddafakkas!

Member of The BlackHand Order

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Will minotaurs totally cannibalize the champions or vice versa (the latter is unlikely)? Will one one other the classes be a total waste which nobody is going to play ? Is there really a point in having another large heavy melee class ?


In the character poll thread with like 450 votes, champions rank by far the lowest behind other archetypes, now their popularity will be punished even more. So why waste devlopment effort on something that is not going to be used ?




I do realise that we know very little if anything about archetypes mechanics, but these are valid concerns imo.

Edited by rajah

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Steak! I love steak.

Oh, you vicious hunter, you.  :D

The steaks have been raised!  


Cleverrrrr. :)


Oh lord...We're really getting minotaurs!!


I guess my Confessor won't feel so bad for branding them while I try to cook my steak. Oh, wait, that's for purging sins. Right...


:D A honest misspoke, brother. An honest misspoke.


For some reason I feel a little hungry at the moment. What should I order, hmm... Oh, doesn't matter. My pizza has some beef in it already. ;)

Edited by rolan storm


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