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Paypal Asks For Creditcard, Can't Pledge.

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Whenever I click a tier, any tier, and then click on paypal, and log in, the Paypal payment option asks me to add a credit card, instead of using the direct payment option.


While I have set up my paypal account perfectly to work with direct payment and all that. I've tested it on other sites, it works fine there, it doesn't ask me to add a credit card. Like it does when I try the paypal option in the /#payment page. I don't understand why, I tried clearing my cache and tried different browser, but the problem still persists.


And I'd really like to pledge and such.



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It might not be showing all the options, so try to scroll down. Once you click Buy on the /#/payment the first popup that comes up should show Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Pay with Paypal. Once you click Pay with Paypal and login it should give all funding options associated with your account such as direct bank and credit card in a drop down box. If these funding options don't show up, log in to paypal directly and make sure they are set as funding sources.

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Yeah I've really tried almost everything to have pay directly from my bank account, different computers, browsers, looking through Paypal if I didn't miss anything there (and I didn't), scrutinizing the /#/payment page (no such thing as scrolling down), it doesn't give me multiple payment options, really. :/


So I just went and put money on my Paypal account, which I wish I wouldn't have to do, but ah well. 

That worked though, so I managed to donate/pledge. 


Problem... fixed?

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Sometime Is a Paypal limitation, believe y have a similar problem. For example, in some countries (here in Argentina), "sometimes", you can't use a credit card (and obviously a debit card) for international payment. And the big problem is that you don't have other options to put money on your paypal account.
I have to buy prepaid cards in video game stores here in Buenos Aires and enter the code directly on steam/origin etc, just because basically all the international transaction are blocked in some way.

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