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Why Gender Lock Classes

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....you read an article and now are extremely against it...   I'll be back, gotta write an article about how gender locking is great.   The article in summary: "Forget the lore and dev vision, I w

Haven't you been following the threads lately? Minotaurs are pay2win, relics are pay2win, EK is pay2win, character slots are pay2win, and VIP is pay2win.  Isn't everything pay2win?      

What is this, a GIF for ants?  

Why so many people care about gender lock? Is it a big deal? Write petition to LoL and Dota, they do also have gender lock. I dont understand why so many people care about 3rd party feature instead of primary gameplay

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That I can definitely agree with, they tend to get a lot more interesting options when it comes to jewelry too. Males though tend to get the cooler looking heavy armors, and the more practical (and thus to me more attractive) looking ones as well. Still not a fan of Chainmail Bikinis on any anatomy of any kind.


Yeah heavy armor generally looks better on the male models, since the female armor often has clearly counter productive stuff on it like boob plates. But based on the Crowfall concept art so far it looks like both the knight and the templar at least have functional female armor.

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I just read an article on MMORPG.com about some of the archetypes on "Crowfall" are going to be gender locked. Now I'm extremely against this and I don't see the point of it. Even if they are doing it to fit the story. I feel like its an amateur mistake.





Also here is the link to the article: 


We can revisit this CHUD thread when Kickstarter is done and you have demonstrated that you really plan to play Crowfall.


Until then i must assume that you and Christina Gonzalez are simply trying to stir up trouble and advance some ridiculous political agenda on this forum.


My thoughts are hostile to your sparkly cause until I see honesty in you.

Edited by chancellor

I think the K-Mart of MMO's already exists!  And it ain't us!   :)


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While I somewhat understand where the concern comes from, wanting to personalise your avatar etc - It isn't really a big deal in terms of how it will effect the game, gameplay, balance, pvp battles etc - All the things that actually matter in Crowfall.


• The lore for certain races being only of a certain gender makes sense.

• Having certain races such as the guineacians who are potentially intersex.


And the big one: BUDGET. If all of the class + promotion class + race + diciplines in the game had Male and Female counterparts, we'd be looking at a truck load more work - Attack animation, movement animation, armor skins, particle effects, emotes etc


It is a waste of resources on such a shoe-string budget to put development time and money into making all races gender unlocked. It is far from an amateur mistake chosing gender locking, they've done this in a very calculated way to ensure a large and interesting amount of races, classes, diciplines etc.


There are 100 other MMO's out there with crazy character customisation if you want to feel connected to your avatar - Sad thing is though, that most have utter crap for game play. ACE is focusing on the right stuff - Gameplay - I personally would rather solid gameplay, class, skill, battle variation then having resources wasted on such a cosmetic and ultimately meaningless feature in terms of how fun the game actually is.

Grishnakk/Amorphis - www.fivefingerdiscount.org - The Kelly Gang - Oceanic PvP

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Did you read all of it?

I certainly did and I agree that the article was very misinformed and calling the devs "lazy" was unprofessional.


Here's a visual representation of Crowfall's Archetypes:




Eight choices currently have both male and female, which is as many or more than most MMO's at launch. Let's look at the five that do not (yet):


1. Stoneborn. A dwarven-type race that, even in the article, Cynthia excuses using LOTRO as an example (male only dwarves).

2. Elken. Aren't they Bucks? A doe version could make sense.

3. Guinecian. Not even sure if this one has a gender or not (i..e, Chua in WildStar)

4. Fae. The lore explains this one.

5. Minotaur. It's a Bull. I suppose a female version could happen, maybe?


Of the five remaining, two have solid lore explanations. Three I could see perhaps in the future. The fact that they added female Centaurs would lean toward the possible willingness to try. Again, to call the devs "lazy" for a distinct design choice is very unprofessional and unwarranted imho.

Edited by arawulf
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Look I'm all in for a good lore, but we are all adults, lets not kid ourselves. Most people are not gonna care about the lore.

And most people aren't going to care whether their character is male or female. It's a fracking game, not a statement against gender equality.


Additional character models cost additional money. If you want a male Fae, pony up 100k and I'm sure ACE will be happy to oblige.

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Being a huge lore nerd for any game I'm interested in, as long as there is a decent explanation as to why everyone in the game with flight is female - I'm cool with that.


As long as there is no real lore reason for not having both genders, this will keep coming up - it's the way people are.


Fortunately it looks like the cost for a new model is right around $100,000, so as Crowfall progresses they can easily add Does and Cows for the Bucks and Bulls as "If you want it, put your money where your mouth is" items on the funding site. :)

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Pretty sure most of this is because of the Fae. Guys want to show some skin, wear black, and have wings too!


And have small animals for show that sit in their purse murse Indian Jones satchel


For the other guy, i might as well quote your join date. Has to be the only reason you didn't use the search feature and feel the need to disrespect every other opinion on the other gender lock threads by making your own thread because you didn't value those other opinions. Which appears to be a habit of yours.

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To have gender locking, the races need to have gender.


Do rocks have gender? Do they reproduce sexually? 


I don't have an issue with gender-locking if there are good lore reasons for it. I feel it adds a lot of depth to the story.


Some people like the idea that in game, not everyone should be able to do everything. Fantasy doesn't have to be PC.


In my opinion it's best when there are restrictions, because it gives the world a bit more realness to draw you into the story.


And no matter what the dev's do there will always be people complaining.


Why can't I be a fishperson, why can't I make a half elf / half hamster champion? Why can't I be Goku, or the Hulk?

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