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Why Gender Lock Classes

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....you read an article and now are extremely against it...   I'll be back, gotta write an article about how gender locking is great.   The article in summary: "Forget the lore and dev vision, I w

Haven't you been following the threads lately? Minotaurs are pay2win, relics are pay2win, EK is pay2win, character slots are pay2win, and VIP is pay2win.  Isn't everything pay2win?      

What is this, a GIF for ants?  

I dont overly mind the gender lock thing. I just wonder if they'll let me play the character I want to play. Seems like every time the conversation about character creation comes up, it is about gender or skills. I mostly want to know if I can play a centaur of dark complexion, while my friend plays one of light complexion.


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