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Forum Name "error"

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This is going to sound like a really dumb issue, and I'm not sure if it even is a permanent issue. I made this account several months back under the name IshotMarvin, and earlier today, the forum started to show it as "ishotmarvin", without the capitals. All of my posts, my profile, etc show it as that. 


Just curious as to whether that's a bug for several people, or if it's just on my side. If I need to deal with it, so be it. I can live with that, but my OCD is not happy. It's actually uncomfortable for me to see "ishotmarvin" as opposed to "IshotMarvin". 

I know. Dumb. But if it can be fixed, I'd love it! Thanks. :P

"Remember: the greatest fault of a human being is to imagine oneself to be flawless; the next greatest is to imagine that acceptance of one’s faults negates said faults."

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